Virtual Fax

Virtual Fax-Desktop supports sending and receiving faxes in real-time from the computer desktop without the use of any additional hardware. Users can quickly compose a document to be faxed and send it from within applications such as Microsoft Office.

Fax continues to be a communications bedrock that thousands of companies around the world depend on daily for exchanging information, and today’s telephony service providers and enterprise organizations seek secure and reliable fax over IP solution that deliver popular fax-to-email and desktop faxing functionality in real time. JEP’s Virtual Fax solution solve the security, service assurance, dependability, and regulatory compliance issues of prevailing fax over IP methods and provide value-added features. Our scalable, high-density Virtual Fax solution delivers automated, real-time faxing functionality to the desktop, and include features such as Fax-to-Email and Faxing from the desktop. JEP’s Fax Solution is a carrier grade service that utilizes HTTP Post Technology which eliminates the typical transmission issues one encounters using the T.38 protocol. What this means is that you can rest assured that your fax transmission will be successful!